There is a 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance device, a 6-row multi-slice computed tomography device, four ultrasonography device (three color Doppler, one advanced elastographic), a mammography, three single table single tube bucky X-ray machine digitalized with CR (computed radiology) and two portable X-ray machine available within the department. DSA (angiography), an at least 128-row and Coronary Angio-enabled CT system, two digital X-ray machine, an advanced ultrasonography device and portable X-ray machines will be in use from the end of the 2012 summer.

The images obtained via these machines are delivered to all the units of the hospital via PACS (picture archiving and communicating system) and the results are also reported and shared with the units. Thanks to this system, the X-ray films of the patients are delivered to the related doctors’ computers without making the patients wait. Copying the images on a CD, if requested by the patient, instead of printing the images on films makes it easier for the patients to carry their images.

Appointments and results:

Computed tomography: There is no need to make an appointment. You can receive your results within at least 3 working days.

Ultrasonography: It depends on the crowdedness of the unit; it can take up to a week. After the results are examined they are given to the patient in ten minutes and they are sent to the doctor’s computer at the same time.

Magnetic resonance: It depends on the crowdedness of the unit; it can take up to a week. You can receive your results within 3 working days.

Mammography: There is no need to make an appointment. You can receive your results within 3 working days.

Angiography: Performed twice a week.

Interventional treatments and biopsies: Performed in up to one week.




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