- Neurology is the branch of science that includes the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases of spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and muscles.

- Complaints and main diseases of the patients that refer in neurology polyclinics are: headaches, dizziness, strokes (brain attack); diseases that affect consciousness such as epilepsy and etc; diseases in relation with forgetfulness; movement disorders as hand tremors, involuntary movements, gait and balance disorders; hand-foot numbness and various muscle weaknesses.

- Moreover, various body systems, including nerve system, can be affected of diseases such as diabetes and Thyroid function abnormalities.

- The increase in the elderly population leads to an increase in the frequency of diseases as hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases and also complications related to these diseases. Of these complications, stroke is the most dramatic and feared one. Strokes are the third most frequent reason of death, as of now. The follow-up and treatment of patients continue at the intensive care unit in serious situations that threatens the patient’s life such as comatose, progressive stroke and frequent attacks.

- For the diagnosis of strokes and research of their underlying reasons examinations with cranial computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, echocardiography and extracranial doppler are performed and the results contribute to the treatment and follow-up of the patients.

- In the electrophysiology laboratory EMG ( electromyography ) examination can be performed for the assessment of neuropathy occurring in common complications as hand-foot numbness and for the diagnosis of painful diseases as back and neck hernia. Moreover, EMG is used as an auxiliary examination for the diagnosis of muscle diseases. In our unit, any electromyographic examination, including advanced EMG techniques such as single fiber EMG, is performed. Approximately 10 patients are provided service per day.

- Evoked potentials; which are used especially for the diagnosis and follow-up of MS patients, are utilized in our electrophysiology laboratory.

- EEG ( electroencephalography) examination; which is used for the differential diagnosis of many central nervous system diseases, especially epilepsy, is also performed in the electrophysiology laboratory. Approximately 10 patients per day can undergo EEG in our unit. We are still on the way to provide video-EEG for patients that require long term EEG monitoring.

- Besides general polyclinic services, special services are provided for different diseases every day at neurology polyclinic. For instance, headache complications; which have started to become a social problem that affect labor efficiency and productivity, can be assessed in our headache polyclinic. Interventional practices as nerve blockage can also be performed for appropriate patients with headache.

- In addition, Botilinum Toxin Injections, which are applied periodically for some movement disorders such as blepharospasm , hemifacial spasm and cervical dystonia, are also performed in our unit.

Diseases related to the neurology department:

1. Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke, cerebral palsy , brain hemorrhage, brain vascular occlusions)
2. Demyelinating Diseases ( Multiple Sclerosis)
3. Epilepsy
4. Headaches (migraine, tension headaches , neuralgia)
5. Neuropathic pain (pain that stem from back, neck, and nerve )
6. Dementia syndromes (Alzheimer's disease , forgetfulness)
7. Movement disorders ( Parkinson's Disease, Tremor , Dystonia )
8. Sleep Disorders ( sleeping a lot )
9. Peripheral nerve disorders ( Neuropathies)
10. Muscle Disorders
11. Dizziness

The laboratories of neurology department and the operations performed here:
1. EEG (for the diagnosis and follow-up of epilepsy and loss of consciousness disorders)
2. Video EEG monitoring (recording of epileptic seizure)
3. EMG ( for the diagnosis and follow-up of peripheral nerve and muscle diseases)
4. Evoked potentials (the diagnosis and treatment of MS patients)
5. Botox applications (for the treatment of dystonia patients)
6. Injection for pain management

1. General neurology polyclinic (every day)
2. Headache polyclinic (every Monday and Wednesday)
3. Epilepsy polyclinic (every Monday)
4. Movement disorders and neuropathic pain, peripheral nerve and muscle diseases (every Tuesday)
5. Dementia polyclinic (every Wednesday)
6. MS polyclinic and stroke polyclinic (every Thursday)
7. Vertigo (dizziness) polyclinic (every Friday)

1. Inpatient service (16 beds)
2. Stroke unit (4 beds) 3. Neurologic Intensive Care (5 beds)

1. EEG laboratories
2. Long term video EEG laboratories
3. EMG laboratories
4. Evoked potentials laboratories


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