Thoracic (Chest) Diseases

Thoracic (Chest) Diseases

At the Thoracic Diseases Department, pulmonary function tests are performed.   Through these tests pathologies of asthma COPD, etc. are assessed. Furthermore, through bronchoprovocation tests performed at our clinic, the diagnosis of patients with hidden asthma is possible. These are main healthcare facilities provided at the department:

- Static Lung Volumes

- Dynamic Lung Volumes (spirometry)

- Diffusing Capacity Measurement

- Bronchoprovocation Test

- Bronchial Lavage

- Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)

- Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal

- Bronchial biopsy

- Transbronchial Fine Needle Biopsy

- Lung parenchyma biopsy

- Skin prick (allergy) tests

- Respiratory Intensive Care

- Sleep laboratory ( polysomnography)

- Smoking Cessation Clinic

- Lung Oncology ( Chemotherapy)


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