Medical Microbiology Laboratory

Medical Microbiology Laboratory

Examinations performed at the department of microbiology:

Bacteriological - parasitological Tests:

- Bacterial cultures (Blood , urine, stool, sputum, throat, nose , CSF , wounds, genital discharge, etc.)

- Antibiotic susceptibility tests

- Tuberculosis culture (AFB and Anti -tuberculosis drug susceptibility test included)

- Fungal culture (fungus search, antifungal susceptibility tests included )

- Direct microbiological examination (cell count , painted microscopy, etc.)

- Investigation of parasite

- Spermiogram

- Serological , immunological tests

- Hepatitis tests ( hepatitis A, Hepatitis B , hepatitis C , hepatitis D and hepatitis E)

- Inflammatory parameters (ASO, CRP , RF, anti -CCP, immunoglobulin, etc.)

- Serological tests for TORCH-HIV

- Autoimmune parameters ( ANA, ANCA, AMA, LKMA, anti-DNA, ASMA, Anti-GBM, etc.)

- Allergy tests ( pollen, food, house dust , inhalant, cereals, epithelial -specific IgE mix)

Molecular tests:

- Determination of the HBV - DNA viral load

- HCV - RNA viral load determination

- Genotype , resistance, and mutation tests

Samples are received to the Medical Microbiology Laboratory all day long but the appropriate time to receive sample for some tests varies.

It’s important to obey the rules about sampling both for the patient and the staff and also the samples have to be taken to the lab as quickly as possible otherwise there is the risk of getting inaccurate results.

Getting the results:

- Serological tests for Hepatitis and TORCH: on the following day

- Serological and molecular tests and some specific tests: on the date determined by the secretary of the lab.

- Bacteria culture: either on the following day or 2 days later according to the condition of the culture but in a few days maximum.

- Fungus culture: in 12-15 days max.

- Anaerobic culture : in 4 days min . in 3 weeks max .

- Tuberculosis culture: in 40 days

- AFB: the following day

The compliance and assistance of the patients is crucial for us to be able to improve their health.




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