Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Any kind of laparoscopic surgery (closed operation) has been performed in our department recently. Via laparoscopic technique; surgeries such as diagnostic operations for infertility, tubal ligation, ovarian cysts, taking off the ovaries and the uterus are performed frequently.

Infertility research and treatment polyclinic:

Causes of infertility in infertile couples referring in our hospital are searched in detail.

For the purpose of searching the female factor, the examinations listed below are performed:

Screening of ovarian follicular reserve and monitoring the development of the ovum via Ultrasonography,
Hormonal tests,
Hysterosalpingography (imaging of the uterus)
Hydrosonography (pathological screening during ultrasonography performed by injecting liquid into the uterus)
Hysteroscopy (examination of the inside of the uterus with the camera)
Furthermore, surgery for infertility can be performed on tubes and ovaries via laparoscopic surgery.

For the purpose of searching the male factor, the examinations mentioned below are performed:

Spermiogram (examination of the semen) test and urology consultations are carried out.
Besides the treatment of the pathology diagnosed through research; placing sperm (washed after taken from the male) into the uterus ( vaccination and artificial insemination ) using catheter, following the stimulation of ovum development.

Gynecologic Oncology ( Women's Cancers) Polyclinic

After a detailed systemic and pelvic examination, various diagnostic tests and treatments (surgery, medication- chemotherapy) mentioned below are applied for the patients that refer to gynecologic oncology polyclinic of our department: 

Pap test (cervical smear) for the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer; colposcopy (examination of the cervix through enlarging it with a camera), endocervical curettage, LEEP (removing lesions that have the risk of getting cancerous off the cervix in a special way

Endometrial biopsies (Pipelle, sharp curette, histometric) to diagnose endometrium cancer (intra-uterine tissue cancer) 

Biopsy for the diagnosis of ovary, tube (duct) and vulva cancer; tumor markers (blood tests)

The most appropriate medical and/or surgical treatment of patients diagnosed to have any kind of cancer, is performed in our department after the decision made by the Council of Gynecologic Oncology. When radiotherapy is necessary for patients, we contact with the closest radiotherapy center and make their appointments; then we follow-up their treatment. Furthermore, the 3 to 6 monthly or annual follow-ups which are very important for patients with cancer are maintained by the related polyclinic.

Pregnant and fetus health follow-up polyclinic:

Within the practice of preventive medicine, the expectant mothers are encouraged to have control examinations before the pregnancy occurs. When the pregnancy occurs it is advised to start the control examinations in the first three months.

During pregnancy follow-up;
Regular pregnancy examinations and pregnant education,
Fetal examination and fetal growth follow-up via four-dimensional ultrasonography, 
Ultrasonographic nuchal translucency scan (in the 11 th -14 th weeks of pregnancy), 
Examination of the fetal blood circulation via Color Doppler ultrasonography,
Fetal abnormality scan via biochemical tests (in the 16 th -18 th weeks of pregnancy), 
Blood and urine tests applied during pregnancy follow-up, 
The examination of the fetal health via NST (fetal non-stress test) 
Painless delivery (epidural analgesia) is performed. 
For pregnancies with a suspicion of chromosomal abnormality (a history of fetal abnormality, pregnancies over age 35, etc.) amniocentesis (amniotic fluid test) is performed within genetic tests.

Operations performed in the context of female genital system diseases, hormonal disorders and the follow-up of menopause: 
Gynecological examination, 
Ultrasonographic examination, 
Periodic breast examination and mammographic breast examination (breast film ), 
Hormonal examination,
Bone densitometry test (research of osteolysis- dissolution or degeneration of bone tissue)
Cervical cauterization, 
Endometrial biopsy and diagnostic curettage operations, 
Arranging menopause support treatment and its follow-up
Abdominal and vaginal surgeries 
Laparoscopic surgery 
Genital prolapses and urinary incontinence surgeries

Birth control and family planning polyclinic: 
Counseling (information), 
Spiral (copper-hormone IUD) applications and their periodic controls, 
Selection and clinical follow-up of birth control pills,
Subcutaneous implant (hormonal contraception method placed under the skin of the arm),
Tubal ligation (tying) via laparoscopy and mini - laparotomy (small incision in the abdomen) is performed.

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