General Surgery

General Surgery

Endocrine surgery: Goiter surgery, parathyroid surgery, breast diseases surgery, suprarenal surgery.

Digestive system surgical diseases : Surgical diseases of esophagus, gastric, small and large intestine; liver, bile duct, gall bladder and pancreas.

Anorectal surgery : Hemorrhoids , anal fissure, anal fistula, anal abscess , pilonidal sinus surgery.

Hernia surgery : All kind of hernia is treated with modern methods.

Oncologic surgery:
Breast cancer, thyroid cancer, pancreas cancer digestive system cancer diseases; cancer diseases of liver, gall bladder and bile duct are treated with modern methods.

Laparoscopic surgery: Modern medical approaches are applied for diseases as gall bladder,
inguinal hernia, hiatus hernia , spleen, appendix, suprarenal , colon ( bowel cancer) and many others.

Gastrointestinal system endoscopy: Besides upper and lower gastrointestinal system endoscopy for diagnostic purposes; ERCP, sphincterotomy, stone removal from bile duct, inserting stent for congestions resulting from bile duct and from other gastrointestinal system tumors, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, endoscopic treatment for gastrointestinal system bleeding are also applied.

ERCP: ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) is applied in the specially prepared lead-plated room available in our hospital’s operating room. Our specialists are quite experienced in this field.

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