Hospital Services

1) Our Intensive Care Services

Our hospital provides service especially for patients of our province and region requiring the most intensive care service. Our intensive care units are given below:


General Surgery



Internal Medicine (Thoracic Diseases, Internal Medicine)

Cardiovascular Surgery



2) Our Surgical Branches

Anesthesiology and Reanimation: In our Anesthesiology and Reanimation department, anesthesia and pain policlinic service are given every day. Outpatient and inpatient treatment service is given for patients applied due to head-neck, low back and all joint pains notably cancer pain in pain unit. It is provided to make interventions without pain and problem with anesthesia out of operating room during endoscopic intervention, lithotripsy, MRI and BT radiological workups in infant and children and electroconvulsive (electroshock) treatments in psychiatric patients. Also in our anesthesia department painless childbirth (epidural anesthesia) service is given.

Neurosurgery: Within the body of our Neurosurgery Department, diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases of nervous system (brain, spinal cord, peripherical nerves and structures in which these are located) is performed. Also in our hospital, Pediatric Cranial and Spinal Operations, Spinal Cord Surgery, Cranial Tumors, Lumbar-Cervical-Thoracic Disk Hernia, Head-Spinal Cord Traumas, Hydrocephalia-Meningocele Operations and Endoscopic Operations are performed.

Ophthalmology: Units operating depending on head of Ophthalmology Department are providing service for patients of our province and region.

o Glaucoma Unit (Eye pressure)

o Uvea Unit

o Strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology unit

o Cornea Diseases unit

o Neuro-ophthalmology unit (stroke, inflammatory conditions, multiple sclerosis and tumors)

o Electrophysiology laboratory

o Argon laser

o Nd laser

o Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) (reducing intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma)

o Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) (eye ground angio)

o Microperimeter (MP-1)

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Within the body of Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, there are infertility research and treatment policlinic and gynecological oncology (women cancers) policlinic.

Otorhinolaryngology: Within the body of Otorhinolaryngology Department; ear and cancer operations, Larynx microsurgery (vocal cord surgery), nasal and sinus surgery interventions, diagnostically audiology (high-frequency and tonal audiometries, tympanometries), OAE (measurement of auto-acoustic signals generating from inner ear hearing organ of infants with a method not causing suffering for infant), ABR (test of auditory brainstem reaction), balance disorders and rehabilitation (video ENG, caloric tests), evaluation of nose functions (acoustic rhinometry, rhimanometry), endoscopic-stroboscopic imaging studies are being made.

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: Within the body of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department; aesthetic surgical operations and treatments of benign and malignant skin tumors are made.

Urology: Within the body of Urology Department; comprehensive service is provided in Laparoscopic urology, Endourology (PNL, URS), BPH, Urooncology, Andrology, Infertility, Neurourology (Urodinamia), ESWL (Lithotripsy), Pediatric Urology, Women urology and Emergency Urology subjects.

3) Internal Branches

Forensic Medicine: Within the body of Forensic Medicine Department; services like clarifying the medical aspects of events in injury, death conditions and in forensic investigations of situations resulted in legal conflict are provided.

Family Medicine: Within the body of Family Medicine Department; patients may apply for any kind of clinic complaints or treatment and follow-up of chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, goiter, osteoporosis. Services such as evaluation of health condition without any complaint (Periodical Health Examination), determination of risk factors, Making controls, request for laboratory workups, consultancy services (family planning, vaccination, breastfeeding technique, nutrition, losing weight, reducing cholesterol, self-examination of breast, HIV contamination, drug addiction, adolescence problems...) are given.

Pediatrics: Within the body of Pediatrics Department; diagnostic operations like endoscopy and colonoscopy are made in gastroenterology department. In our pediatric endocrine diseases unit, follow-up and treatments of diseases progressing with hormonal disorder are performed. In our pediatrics nephrology and rheumatology department, treatment and follow-ups of children with kidney diseases and rheumatismal disease in vicinity of Afyonkarahisar province.

Child and Adolescent mental health: Within the body of Child and Adolescent mental health Department; it is tried to determine, avoid and treat mental, emotional and behavioral problems emerged in child, adolescent and young aged 0-18. If required, neuropsychological tests, intelligence tests or developmental scanning tests are applied by psychologists within the scope of psychometric evaluations of child and adolescents.

Dermatological and Veneral Diseases: Within the body of Dermatological and Veneral Diseases Department; treatment services such as electrocoterization (verruca, seborrheic and actinic cetarosis, telengiectasis, pedunculated skin lesions' treatment), Cryotherapy (treatment of verruca, seborrheic and actinic cetarosis, venous ponding, bowen diseases and benign and malignant tumoral formations of skin like basal cell carcinoma), Minor Surgical Operations (punch and incision biopsy of any kind of skin lesions, apse and cyst discharge, surgical extraction of moles and minor surgical operations like ingrown toenail), photochemotherapy (treatment opportunities such as UVA, PUVA, narrow band UVB and local phototherapy applied successfully in treatment of too various diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, alopecia aerate, mycosis fungoides, atopic dermatitis), Patch test (determination of reasons of allergic contact dermatitis (eczema), microscopic fungus test (determination of factor in fungus diseases), Pathergy test (for diagnosis of Behçet's disease), Intralesional Injection (treatment of diseases such as alopecia aerate, celloid, lichen pilanopilaris) and wood light examination (various fungus diseases and pigmentation disorders treatment) are offered.

Infection Diseases: Within the body of Infection Diseases Department, treatment and follow-up of chronic viral hepatitis, Crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever, pandemic influenza and all inflammatory diseases are performed.

Physical Therapy and rehabilitation: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department gives physical therapy policlinic, rheumatology policlinic and bone health and diseases policlinic and policlinic services and clinic services. Working fields of department are as follows; low back, neck and knee pains, hip pains and other muscle skeleton system pains, bone health and diseases, osteoporosis, rheumatology, cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, hand rehabilitation, orthopedical rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, pain and its treatment.

Thoracic Diseases: Within the body of Thoracic Diseases Department, respiratory function tests in which pathologies such as asthma, KOAH are evaluated are made. Also it is provided to be diagnosed the patients with latent asthma with bronchoprovacation test that is made in our clinic.

Internal Medicine: Internal Medicine Department offers service to our patients in gastroenterology, nephrology, rheumatology, oncology, hematology fields. In our hospital, services such as Diabetic patient trainings, Hemodialysis service, Peritoneum dialysis service, Kidney biopsy, Upper Gastrointestinal system endoscopy, Colonoscopy-Sigmoidoscopy and rectoscopy, ERCP ( endoscopic retrograd cholangio pancreoticography), Gastrostomy and Liver Biopsy. Also, regular follow-ups of diabetic patients are conducted by related physician, diabetic nurse and dietician and trainings about diseases and diabetes treatment are given.

Cardiology: In patients applied to Cardiology Department, cardiac diseases are searched and treatments of subjects with known cardiac disease are regulated and follow-up is made. Other services given in Department control are 24 hours' blood pressure follow-up, 24 hours' cardiac rhythm (ECG) follow-up and tilt test.

Neurology: Application complaints and major diseases applied to Neurology Department are headaches, vertigo, stroke (brain crisis), diseases with conscious change (epilepsy etc.), diseases accompanying with dysmnesia, shaking in hands, involuntary movements, movement diseases accompanying with walking and balance disorders, hand-foot numbness, various muscle weaknesses. In our hospital, cranial tomography, magnetic resonant imaging, echocardiography, extracranial doppler workups are performed, results obtained from these workups contribute to follow-up and treatment of patients.

Radiology: Radiology Department is digitalized with 1 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonant device, 1 6- line multi-sectioned Computed tomography devices, 4 ultrasonography devices (three of which are colored doppler, one of which has high level and elastography feature), 1 mammography device,3 Computed Radiology and there are only table- only tube and bukili radiograph device, 2 portable radiography devices.

Mental Health and Diseases: Within the body of Psychiatry Department, follow-up and treatment of all adult psychiatric diseases and conditions are made. Also in our psychometry laboratory, many psychometric tests such as MMPI (Minnesota multi-functional personality inventory), SCID-I (DSM-IV Clinic interview structured for axial disorders) and intelligence tests are made.

Medical Genetics: Within the body of Medical Genetics Department, operations like prenatal, postnatal and molecular genetics unit workups are performed.

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